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Monday, 15 April 2013

Sienna Radiance Balm (Apr 13)

Sienna Radiance Balm
Today's tested product is a sample I got from a local spa.
Now I don't know how it holds a tan because I live in England (work it out for your selves :) )
but I do know it smells AMAZING !!
It's literally the best thing I've ever smelt.
OK so it's probably not,
 but at the moment ...
Its the best thing I have ever smelt !
(I'm not fickle at all )
Also it feels so soft, it makes my legs feel velvety and I haven't even shaved my legs today, it's magic cream.
Now I know this won't appeal to everyone, but I love that it glitters, on a night out this would be my best friend along side mascara :)
It would also be great on holiday, since its meant to hold a tan and all , but sadly this year I won't be going on one this year because apparently houses are expensive :(
Soo Boo You Whores !!
(Obviously from Mean Girls, any one who hasn't seen that needs to )
P.S. Yes I am putting down the energy drinks now !!!


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