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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Autism Awareness Challenege - Rainbows (Apr 13)

Autism Awareness Challenge
Hello again everyone, this is the second challenge in the Autism Awareness DC.
Today is a bit of a cheat post, I'll be honest, with all of the challenges lately I'm falling a little behind, so this is a rainbow base for today, which I am then going to turn into a mani for
on the 13th.
So if you like this post then please check out her blog !!
This was done with cling film (or saran wrap) and I hope you all like it. Again I apologise as this is a bit naughty but I couldn't let either the challenge or a fellow blogger down.
And please check out the list of other bloggers participating here ;


  1. i love your take on rainbows really cute :)

  2. Very pretty! And I always think it's genius if you can combine more than one challenge into one nail design!