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Monday, 22 April 2013

Autism Awareness Challenge - Fishtail Braided Mani (Apr 13)

Autism Awareness Challenge
Fishtail Braided Mani
Hello again everyone, today's mani is for the Autism Awareness Challenge , it's also the first time I've ever done a fishtail mani so please be kind. Although I was quite impressed with my self and am definitely looking forward to practicing this some more in the future.
So anyway here's my mani , I hope you like it, and as always please check out the other blogs !!

This was the tutorial I used , please check it out.

Apologies some of the pictures are blurred, it was too late once I'd realised




  1. The little ombre you did is cute and the design on your thumb came out really neat! :)

  2. Nice! And I really like the ombre nails.

  3. Thank you, my nails are so short at the moment, they all broke a few weeks ago, can't wait to get them back lol xx