Wednesday 20 November 2013

Sad News

 Sad News
This is Laura's mum,  I write with sadness to inform all of Laura s followers, if they have not heard that Laura was tragically killed on July 21st this year.  It has been with very mixed givings as to whether to write this as I know Laura s last blog was written the day before the accident.
Laura was involved in a road traffic accident as a passenger in a vehicle that had broken down on the side of the road.  As her family and friends have been truly devastated it has taken a while to put together a Community Facebook page Little Laura, and we are in the process of building a webpage all in Little Laura's name to continue the fundraising work that Laura was doing for RDA (Riding for the disabled) and giving support to the primary school that Laura loved working for, Marshlands.
Looking through this blog has given family and friends tremendous support and all the lovely photographs that have been posted.
Laura was only twenty, but packed a lot of things into her short life, she will always be remembered as a bright sparkingly beautiful star with a caring and compassionate personality towards others.
Thank you for following Laura  xxxxxxx

Saturday 20 July 2013

Holiday (July 13)

As you might have guessed from the title of this post, I am going on holiday next week, and because I've had such a busy week this week, and because its been so hot I haven't managed to post ahead or get guest posters in.

So there wont be any posts in for the next week, sorry :)

Friday 19 July 2013

Nerd Challenge - Technology (July 13)

Nerd Challenge
Hi all ,
today for the Nerd nail art Challenge I have some nails 
inspired by my laptop, hope you all like them and as always, check out the other bloggers.
I did originally have pictures of my nails next to my key board with the matching keys to nails but they have disappeared :(

inspired by my laptop, hope you all like them and as always, check out the other bloggers.

Thursday 18 July 2013

Sun Set Gradient Striping Tape Mani (July 13)

Sun Set Gradient Striping Tape Mani
Hey everyone, today I am posting a mani that I LOVE !!
So I hope you love it too,
please comment below if you would like to see a tutorial on this :)

Wednesday 17 July 2013

Republic Haul (July 13)

Republic Haul
Today is just a quick share of the items I got from Republic a few weeks ago :)
Hope you like.

Tuesday 16 July 2013

Guilty as Charged Guest Post (July 13)

Guilty as Charged Guest Post
I was so excited when Haleigh emailed me and asked me to do a Guest post, I am such a fan of her nail art and am inspired by it so much :)
My mani today is inspired by Darling Nails;
I love gradients and fine detail nail art so I was really excited to try this one.
So heres my mani , I hope you like it.
Thank you again Haleigh and I hope you are having a lovely holiday !!

Girl or Boy/ Prince or Princess Nail Art (July 13)

Girl or Boy
Princess or Prince Nail Art
Pretty self explanatory mani  (since I'm from the UK :) )