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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Maybelline BB Cream (Apr 13)

Maybelline BB Cream
This is my first sample post in a while so bear with me :)
In general this post is kinda predictable to most who know me, I already know I adore most BB Creams and Primers, I've ended up buying so many of my own, plus trying more samples, and I never know which one to use in the morning.
I would say this BB cream is more like a foundation, compared to other BB creams that are like a tinted primer. Not saying that's good or bad, I quite like it , it's just an observation.
It matches to my skin perfectly, which is kinda a big deal, most things I try are either too dark or too orange. Meaning other people might struggle.
It covers spots ok, you can still see blemishes but its natural and smooth, It covered my dry skin , but it still felt dry. The next day I applied moisturiser first and everything went alot better.
My skin is in a bad way at the moment so maybe on a normal day I'd be ok.
It lasted most of the day but I did end up re doing my make up before going out again at night.
I like this product but wouldn't say I'm in love.

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