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Friday, 26 April 2013

Girly Nail Art Challenge- Chick Flick Inspired - The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants(Apr 13)

Girly Nail Art Challenge
Chick Flick Inspired
The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants
Hey everyone, if you are a long time reader of my blog (Thanks) then you will know my love of this movie !!
If not then please check out this post ;
So when I saw that the next post for this challenge had to be chick flick inspired the movie instantly jumped into my head. I wanted to do like denim patterns, but everything I tried just looked too busy , and, for lack of another word, CRAP !
So I decided to go simple, when I take part in these challenges I have so many great idea's going through my head and I tend to forget one thing that I have always believed in ; "simple is sophisticated" , and I think suits me so much better. My 2 favourite outfits ; the little black dress, skinny jeans a vest top and black stilettos.  Simple . They work !
I also always read everyone elses blog and my favourites are always the simpler patterns or designs, and I just think "why didn't I do that ? ! "
I'm going off on a tangent , apologies .
So anyway here's my basic mani , I hope you like it :)
And as always please check out everyone elses interpretation.



  1. your nails are shaped just like mine (although for this week's challenge I did grow them longer) I can understand - anything complicated looks messy on short nails - but simple patterns like these look real cute!

  2. Is that polish Essie Bikini so teeny??

  3. Thank you Shilpa, to be honest if I try to grow mine much longer they just break, so I prefere to keep them short but all the same length. xx

    Yess i love it !! And the name is so cute lol. xx