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Sunday, 14 April 2013

OCD Nail Polish Arrangement (Apr 13)

OCD Nail Polish Arrangement
So this was kind of on an impulse, as I've said before I love trying to find new ways to sort my nail polishes and when I saw this post it seemed like the perfect way to go.
Please read this !!

Here are the ones I got ;



  1. Ooh! You'll have fun with these! I'd love to see your finished swatchsicles.

    Chester :)

  2. Aww thats such a cute name for them , might have to steal that :) Sooo excited for this, eagrely waiting for the delivery , I will post about them as soon as I can, but theyre coming from China, plus I write the majority of my posts a week in advance lmao, another OCD neccsity :) xx