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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Top Tips for Struggling Stampers (Mar 13)

Top Tips for Struggling Stampers
Up until very recently I have been really struggling with nail art stamping.
So I emailed some other nail art bloggers, googled some advice and kept practising, now these tips are very narrow mindedly based on my stamping struggles, but I'm guessing if I had the problem other people will do.
So until I was any good I practised on paper then obviously did my nails. ( They will be shown in a guest post in a few days)
So here are some things I learnt.
1) Using an old debit card is sooo much easier to use than the plastic scraper provided.
2) I was using too much nail polish.
3) I was either pressing either wayyy to hard or no where near enough on the plate.
4) Using the scraper at a 45 degree angle to the plate works great , I was trying to do it at like a 90 degree angle which was obviously not working.
5) If you accidental use too much polish you can wipe it off the stamper before stamping.
Hope this helps, and thank you to all those amazingly helpful bloggers who passed on their advice.

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