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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Summer Bod (Mar 13)

Summer Bod
Yesss , I know , its that time of year already,
despite the snow this week.
Summer is fast approaching and soon we will again be in skirts and crop tops,
 and dare I said it bikinis.
But unlike what other people will be posting about I have other summer body worries.
Yes my tummy could be more toned.
But my worry
my skin
So starting from tonight, I will be getting serious about skin woes
I'm pale
I have acne on my back, shoulders and face
I have dry skin every where else
I will moisturise religiously
Using a build up fake tan
I will exfoliate as if my life depends on it
I will use all the acne cream I  have spent so much money on.
So get ready readers.
I will be trying, testing and practising what I preach !!
No more moaning
No more worrying
I am fixing !!

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