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Thursday, 21 March 2013

My First Attempt at Nail Art Stamping (Mar 13)

My First Attempt at Nail Art Stamping
So I was very excited to receive my nail art stamping kit like I explained before, and I've gotta admit its a lot harder than it looks, and I wasn't in love with this Mani. But I wanted to show everyone that this was my first go. (I practised on paper first too).
The hard part was not having too much or too little paint on the stamp, but I'm sure with practise it will get easier.
So here's my nail art, I wont do a tutorial because there are so many great ones easily found on the web.

I will keep practising.


  1. That W7 polish looks so gorgeous!! Which colour is it??

  2. Thank you, it is number 123 "moonlight".
    Thanks for commenting