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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Make up Removal Recomendations (Mar 13)

 Make up Removal Recommendations
As we all know removing make up at the end of the day is very important, so here are my tried, tested and now recommended products to help do that.
Generally I like to use a cleanser and hot water to remove make up. My favourite is No7 (by Boots).
How ever I always have a pack of make up remover wipes to hand.
These are useful for when you are in a rush (drunk) or staying some where else for the night. (Probably drunk :) )
I again like either Boots own ( I can't remember the name but they are usually on offer " 3 packs for £3" and smell of cucumber) , or Simple.
Now obviously I can only talk for my self and my skin needs, but these are great products, some of the best I've used but my sister always pinches my cleanser and my fiance secretly steals my wipes, so they must be great for all.

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