Tuesday 30 April 2013

Blue Leopard Print Mani (Apr 13)

Blue Leopard Print Mani
Hope you like this mani , my hands were very wobbly today, not sure why :(

Hair Accessory Storage Solution ( Apr 13)

Hair Accessory Storage Solution
Does anybody else struggle to store their hair accessories, I end up with bobbles (Hair ties) and bobby pins all over my room and I can never find any of them.
So now I have a small glass bowl, they look cutely displayed and I know where they all are.
Hope you like it.

Monday 29 April 2013

Sorry :( (Apr 13)

Lately I am so tired and stressed I'm struggling to get in as many posts as I used to , and I have noticed I am writing them less enthusiastically than usual.
So rather than pushing my self to just write crap I'm gonna cut back a bit. I will still be doing as much as I can but it might be a bit less often, sorry :)

Twin Post with Rachos Nail Love ! (Apr 13)

Twin Post with Rachos
Hey everyone , today I am sharing a twin post with Rachael of Rachosnaillove.blogspot.co.uk
We decided to do a MSMD mani from each others blog.
Here is what she did ;

Hello lovely readers of Laura's Blog!
My name is Rachael and I run another British nail blog called Rachos Nail Love.

I love reading Laura's blog, especially for her nail posts. She always creates such cute ideas! We agreed that we would do a MSMD post and I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I'd seen Laura do these for another guest post and absolutely loved them. They're simple chevrons but the colours really stood out to me and reminded me of Star Trek (yes, I am a total geek :D) so I wanted to do a mani that was based on that.

Here is Laura's version - I love the red she has used on her thumbs - my best friend would describe it as a 'good tart red'. I love tart reds, but my reddish skin tone does not do them any justice - I just couldn't pull these ombre nails off like Laura has, they're beautiful! 

 So here is my version. (I'll explain my choices to you.)

I decided to go blue instead of red for my base - the polish I chose was Calvin Klein's Electric Blue. I thought this was a great choice because like Laura, I love picking up bargain polishes and I picked this beauty up from Fragrance direct awhile back for around £2 :) unlike most CK's I own, this is nicely pigmented and only needed 2 coats for full coverage.
I* then used striping tape and scotch tape along with Barry M - Gold for my chevrons and Sephora by OPI - Only Gold for Me on my other fingers.
*My friend very kindly helped me with the tape as I usually end up getting it everywhere but on my nails!
What do you think? Would you wear it? Do you have any of the polishes I used? I quite like the end result and I know I wouldn't have come up with this without inspiration from Laura :)
Thanks again to Laura for letting me guest post for her.

Rachael x

I spent so long deciding which mani to copy from Rachosnaillove.blogspot.co.uk
She has so many beautiful idea's but I loved this one http://rachosnaillove.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/extra-relaxed-31dc-day-2-orange-nails.html , I loved the idea she was inspired by her cat and had posted some super cute photo's of it.
So I decided to share some cute puppy pics as well as copying her mani. I hope you like it, please check out the original post !!
Thanks again so much Rachael !



Sunday 28 April 2013

Subscription Boxes for Nails UK (Apr 13)

Subscription Boxes for Nails UK
I've been wondering about Subscription boxes now for a while, but never got one because I am so fussy with products and because I'm so pale samples don't tend to suit me anyway.
So when I heard about ones for nail polishes I was super excited.
Then I searched for some where that would send to the UK.
Not much look there , for a decent price anyway.
Then I came across So Susan, This looks so excited, but they haven't started up yet.
Please check them out here ;
And if any one has any extra info please let me know :)

Primark Hair Grips (Apr 13)

Primark Hair Grips
I really love these Primark hair grips at the moment, only £1.50 for 4 !

Pink and Grey Fish Tail Mani ( Apr 13)

Pink and Gret Fish Tail Mani
Happy Sunday everyone.
 Todays mani has pissed me off ! #ANGRY FACE#
They look quite good in reality, but again my photography skills are letting me down. And I'm not sure if all the colours go :(
I hope you like them anyway and I'm gonna go do some practicing, any tips would be appreicated :)


Saturday 27 April 2013

Pink Leopard Print Nails (Apr 13)

Pink Leopard Print Nails
Hey everyone just a brief post here, its pretty self explanatory and I hope you like them :)


New Nail Polishes , YAY !! ( APR 13)

New Nail Polishes
YAY !!
If you read my Blog,
Thank you :)
You might have seen this post a few weeks ago ;
Well last week the polishes arrived !!
Sorry for the late post.
You might have already seen some of them in my posts.
Thanks for reading !!
But anyway I wanted to show you my buys :)

Mascara Crazy (Apr 13)

Mascara Crazy
Is anybody else addicted to beauty products, I didn't even realise until I sorted out my make up , I have so many mascara's. Its ridiclous !
Please let me know what your beauty addiction is :)
Make me feel normal !
The middle one I use all the time, others I haven't even tried yet.

Friday 26 April 2013

Green Eyed Girl (Apr 13)

Green Eyed Girl
Hey everyone,
I want to show you all the eye make up I did today.
Nothing major I just wanted to show what a difference coloured eyeliner/ shadow could do.
And NOT look 80's .
I also wanted to point out the importance of finding an eye liner/shadow that brings out the colour in your eyes.
A gold eye shadow makes my eyes look really green and shows off the yellow/ brown flicks.

Again green eye liner/ shadow makes my eyes look a really bright green and brings out the blue flicks.

Compared with a plan mascara.
Please let me know what you do and I will keep trying new colours !

Chinese Inspired Blouse (Apr 13)

Chinese Inspired Blouse
Hello everyone, I hope you like my Chinese Inspired Blouse from Newlook.
I am sooo Loving this trend right now !!
And of course I'm loving the colour :)
Some worn with a white vest top under neath, some with blue, both also Newlook .