Saturday 25 May 2013

Avon Body Whip (May 13)

Avon Body Whip
This smells so great, and leaves a lovely shimmer.
And look at the size of that tub !!!
Such a great buy

Friday 24 May 2013

Aqua Denim Skirt (May 13)

Aqua Denim Skirt
I got this in the sale last year, I love this colour, I just think its so cute and fresh :)

Thursday 23 May 2013

White Strapless Top (May 13)

White Strapless Top
£3.99 from H&M this top goes with anything, especially with long necklaces


Wednesday 22 May 2013

Pretty Present (May 13)

Pretty Present
So I got these super cute rings and ear cuffs for my friend for her birthday (she wont mind me sharing) , I kinda wish I'd kept them, or got me some, I might get me some :)
Any way , here they are, from Republic :)

Monday 20 May 2013

Disney Mugs (May 13)

Disney Mugs
I have a huge obsession with the Disney Store mugs.
Here are some of my favourites.
I do have LOADS more though, so I'm sure there will be a follow up post !!


Swatch Stick Start (May 13)

Swatch Stick Start
I've finally started my Swatch Sticks, Can't wait to keep you all posted on this.

Sunday 19 May 2013

Abandoned Eye Brows (May 13)

Abandoned Eye Brows
I don't know if anyone's noticed, or cares that much, but lately my eye brows have been such a mess, and with good reason, I'm growing them out.
But now I've tamed them a bit and really happy with them :)

Little Laura Loves Nail Polish Creations (May 13)

Little Laura Loves Nail Polish Creations
Hello everyone,
Today I am Guest Posting for Lisa of , I am so grateful to Lisa for letting me Guest Post today and I'm hoping she's having a great break !
Please check out her blog :)
Today I have done a leopard print mani, I started off planning to do accented nails, but I liked the colours and the pattern so much I did it on all my nails.
I hope you like it, if you do please come and check out my blog :)
Thanks again Lisa


Computer Restart (May 13)

Computer Restart
So last night, while I was in bed my laptop decided to restart itself , which wouldn't normally be a problem except I had loads of pages up on the internet, where I'd done an MSMD mani, but then left the page up to copy and paste the original post in.
I managed to re find most of them , but now I have two manis that I know I copied from some where, but I don't know where :(
I think it would have either been
But I can't be sure.
Sorry guys :(
But here they are anyway