Wednesday 31 October 2012

Poppy Pride (Oct 12)

 Poppy Pride
Preparing for 11/11 I would like to show some alternative ways to wear a poppy with pride.
Please take this as inspiration and post comments on some of your ideas.
More to follow ...

I have used nail glitter just on the edges and some nail diamante's on the centre. I'm sure pearls or other materials could be used in other patterns, quantities or colours.

All I did here was push the poppy between my head and hair tie.

Again a similar principle with a bun .

And with a bobby pin.

GB and Silky Smooth ( Oct 12)

The best way to shave your underarms.
I have trouble with this, and so do many of my female friends, so I guess some other do too.
What is the best way to shave your under arms ?
So I did some  Internet research and tried out some ways and I found the best way was on Lauren Conrads blog.
Start by using some soap, or shaving foam, then start at the top going downwards, then reverse. Next go across both ways , left to right, right to left. Then again both ways diagonally.
This is best because all hairs, going in all directions are removed.
So next time your in the shower, think of GB and get silky smooth :)


GB by lau-z featuring cashmere coats

Alexander McQueen mini dress / Dolce&Gabbana short cocktail dress / Ted Baker full skirt dress / Quba grecian dress, $185 / Coast full skirt dress, $255 / Oasis dress, $32 / Bow dress, $18 / Max C , $48 / Blouse, $35 / Dolce&Gabbana lace jacket / McQ by Alexander McQueen studded jacket, $1,880 / Coast cashmere coat, $275 / John Lewis , $265 / Wallis ponte knit blazer / Versace leather mini skirt / Levi’s Made & Crafted high rise skinny jeans, $235 / Levi’s Made & Crafted high rise skinny jeans, $235 / Skirt / Jane Norman , $40 / BURAK UYAN heel boots / Christian Louboutin spike shoes / Miu Miu glitter shoes / Ash leather shoes / Steve Madden slip on shoes / Luichiny platform heels / Charlotte Russe bow flat / Versace handbag / Donna Karan leather tote bag, $2,880 / Versace handbag / MAISON DU POSH genuine leather handbag / Rocio clutch purse / Diane von Furstenberg clutch handbag / Genuine leather handbag, $300 / Paul Smith , $315 / Clutch / Mango bucket bag / Satchel handbag, $130 / Kate Spade clip on earrings / Plastic earrings / Shamballa Jewels crystal bangle bracelet, $40 / Bracelets bangle / Lipsy bangle bracelet, $23 / Vero Moda , $14 / Nail care, $11

Tuesday 30 October 2012

I love my nail wraps (Oct 12)

Nail Wraps
Yesterday I got these nail wraps, they were £1 in Primark, I didn't expect a lot but figured I'd give it a go - whats the harm ?
But I was really pleasantly surprised, they are so easy to use and look a lot better than I expected.
So I didn't really follow the directions on the pack, just because I think my way allowed me room for imperfections and looks better up close.
Firstly I painted my nails black all over , because the back ground of the nail wrap is black.

Then you rub the wrap between your hands to make it warm and peel it off.

The wrap is now on my finger, just cut to size.


Hope you like, I'll definitely be going back to Primark.

Monday 29 October 2012

Hand Chains (Oct 12)

My New Favourite Accessory

I really love Hand Chains, this is my new one, from New Look. I think its stunning and it actually fits my very small hand - which is quite an achievement.
My other Hand Chain I have since turned into an Ankle Chain, I'm sure I'll post about that later in the summer months.
(And that's not my messy bed at all ;) !! )

 And here are a few other ideas, I'm sure I'll get a few on my next shopping trip.
Hand Chains

Thursday 25 October 2012

Pirate Nails (Oct 12)

Pirate inspired Nail Art
As I've mentioned before I am often inspired by what is going on at work. And tomorrow is pirate day !
So here are my nails.
Again I'm not a professional so please be kind.

Bath Time (Oct 12)

 Bath Time
Since the nights are getting darker and colder, all I want to do of a night time is chill and take a nice hot bath.
So finally I get a chance to use all those goodies I can't ever help buying. Some how I can't resit spending all my pennies in bath shops, its getting slightly obsessive.
So here are some of my favourite products at the moment.
Please tell me some one else has this obsession.

I much prefer bath oil to bubble bath, this is the Avon version, it smells great and leaves your skin super soft.
Bath oil can be added to the bath just like normal bubble bath, or rubbed on the skin before a shower.

As I might mention in a later post, I love entering competitions and I occasionally get sent samples, these are a few I have at the moment.

I am in love with the smell of Gok Wan's bath range, I got this from boots and it smells amazing. This is all I have left of the set now :( and these bottles are half empty. Good job Christmas is juts around the corner.

I am also in love with FCUK Sugarscrub, it smells of strawberries and almonds. Yes I have two tubs... possibly three...

 A few months ago I went to a L'Occitane event, we were all given a goody bag at the end, here are a few of the bath products, my favourite is the shower oil.

I also have a small obsession with soaps, they just smell so nice. The one I'm using at the moment is the jelly bean one, it smells, and looks just like a real jelly bean.
As you might be guessing by now my favourite things are sweet and fruity.

Getting in the mood for Christmas , this bath bomb smells of chocolate, and it looks soooo adorable.

I can't wait to use this bath melt. Yes I'm that easily excited!! This smells just like candy floss .

This melt was lovely, it smelt of strawberries, and as it melted it released loads of tiny strawberry seeds which slowly and gently exfoliated you. And the scent really stayed on my skin, will definitely be getting another few of these.
Again an Avon product, these bath confetti's smell of lavender and are in the shape of snowflakes. I bought them as a present, like stocking filler, but I just couldn't resist.

And the only down-side , other than my bank balance ??
A bath tub full of strawberry seeds :(

Wednesday 24 October 2012

10 ways to do a pony tail (Oct 12)

10 Ways to do a Pony Tail
As I've mentioned before, I work in a school, so most days I try and have my hair up, but a pony tail every day ... soooo boring !!
And quite frankly more straining on your head and hair than you'd think.
Having a pony tail in the same place day after day can make hair weak and lack less as well as giving you a head ache.
So here are a few ways to change it up.
1. Is obviously the normal pony tail.
2. Below I have shown a simple way of changing up a pony tail. All you do is a normal pony then get a small piece of hair from underneath and wrap it around where the hair tie is. Then keep in place with bobby pins and hair spray.
3. This is a really simple idea that looks really effective. Start by making a low pony tail, quite loose. Just above the hair tie make a small gap, and push the tail through it.
4. Again just a normal pony tail, but here I have added a flower hair tie. Other accessories you could try are real flowers, or if you have a fringe, a hair band might look cute.

5. This is a really high pony. To make this into "cheer hair" I would simply add a few more curls in the tail and add a bow.
6. This is a really slicked back pony tail. I did it using a paddle brush and hair spray.

7. Please ignore the slightly cheesy grin, this is a messy pony, to create this look I used dry shampoo - of which I am a huge fan. I scraped my hair into a pony tail using just my fingers rather than a brush, then to make it a bit rougher I tightened the hair tie bit by bit rather than all at once.
 8. I'm not usually a big fan of a quiff, but here is a small one, again I used dry shampoo for this look.
9. Here is a half up half down look, I'm sure I will do a post dedicated just to this at some point.
 10. This is a pony tail with a parting. I just swept my hair into this low maintenance look.

And one just for luck (since one was a bit of a cop out) , this is a simple bun.

Tuesday 23 October 2012

Marble Nail Art (Oct 12)

Marble nail art
This is my marble style/ dip dye nail art, inspired by LFW S/S12.
To do this I painted my whole nail in pink, then with nail art brushes brushed on small flicks of yellow and smudged them with my finger so they blurred a little. Then repeated with purple, green and navy.
To finish use top coat.
Again I'll point out I'm no professional, and this was my first go. but i hope you get the idea and feel inspired.

House of Holland Coat (Oct 12)

My House of Holland Coat
As I wrote about before I won a prize a few months ago to go to London and attend a House of Holland show at LFW, and it was amazing !
Part of that prize was for me to be a very lucky girl and get an item from House of Holland.
I chose this beautiful coat , and today it arrived !
I am in love !!!!!
P.S. Please ignore the messy hair, its been a long day at work but I couldn't wait to share .
And eeekkkkk , just to make me a bit more excited , I've just spotted this online;

Friday 19 October 2012

Mo-vember chic-ness (Oct 12)

As some of you may know Mo-vember is a charity lead excersise which asks men to grow moustaches for the whole month of November in order to get sponsored and raise money for  a testicular cancer charity.

Over the past few years it has raised awareness along with millions of pounds.
And yet again this year my boy freind has informed me he is to take part.
And it made me think, as women we can't really join in growing a 'tasche. So here is one of my ideas for raising awareness.
Then it made me think , I wonder if any of the shops selling moustache clothing would donate some of the profit , just in November ?
I'm new to this whole blogging thing but im going to try and post this to some of their twitter feeds.
Once again I thank polyvore for helping me create the picture below.

Cream sweater, $32 / AX Paris knit top, $32 / AX Paris knit top, $32 / Black pants, $21 / River Island black jewelry, $24 / River Island black jewelry, $6.46 / Stud earrings / River Island long necklace, $13 / Tasha tassel necklace / River Island hair clip accessory, $13 / Peter Ibruegger Maurice-Poirot Moustache Mug, $30 / River Island Girls Pink Moustache Polka Dot Beanie, $8.08

Thursday 18 October 2012

I love Black Accessories (Oct 12)

I love Black Accessories
At the moments I really love black accessories.
Whether its nails, jewelry or hair pins, I'm also really enjoying mixing it with my current love of studs and embellishment's.
If you do too, here are some examples of things I'm really loving at the moment.
Here is one of my favourite hair pins, it looks great to pin back my fringe or with a pony tail.
  As I mentioned in my 1st post I'm slightly obsessed with nail art, so here  is my current manicure, its very dark red nail polish and black diamante's, just on my ring finger.
Not related but this also looks great in pink, or for the Christmas season gold !

This is my favourite ankle bracelets, I have a few, I'm sure I will post about this at some point.
Its actually a bracelet one of my friends got me, but since I have such skinny wrists it just kept falling off.
And last but not least, I have recently found a website called Polyvore. Give it a go if you haven't already.
Here is a set I created;

i love
i love by lau-z featuring a rose ring

LFW (Oct 12)

Frow at LFW !
House of Holland
A small obsession of mine is to enter competitions on line, yes many people laughed at me for this, but it has on occasion paid off. I have won some really good prizes, mainly cosmetics (some of which I'm sure I'll write about at some point), but in September I won a huge prize
to attend LFW and sit front row at Henry Holland's fashion show. I went back stage and had an amazing time.
I loved the clothes and there was such an amazing atmosphere.
And what I'm really excited about, seeing how the high street is going to interpret the cat walk.
So I won't chat any more, here are a few pics from the show.
Backstage at the show, here is one of the many racks where the clothes are waiting for the models.
A bit of a blurry picture (sorry) ,I love the skirt, and really cant wait to see the high street version. It was a high waist skirt, but it was just lace until the underwear line, I loved it, such a fresh idea. Plus I really loved the purple and lace !!
And yay crop tops will be back this spring !

I adored this dress, the pattern and colour was so sophisticated, but the cut is just stunning !

Another dress I fell in love with, I just adore the straps :)

Thank goodness for Maxi Dresses, and this is such a pretty one, with such a pale skin tone I couldn't see my self in the green but the sequins was right up my street.
And of course what I wore .
My ticket signed by the man him self .