Tuesday 27 November 2012

Stud and Sequin Sweaters (Nov 12)

Stud and Sequin Sweaters
I really love stud and sequin sweaters at the moment, they are a lovely comfy way to keep warm this winter.
I love to wear them with skinny jeans or body con skirts and tights.
They also look great with scarves. sequins and studs can add a girly look even to the baggiest sweaters.
Here are two of my favourite and a Polyvore set.
From Next

From New Look
stud and sequin sweaters

Isabel Marant suede sweater / Alice + Olivia sequin top / French Connection embroidered shirt / French Connection / Dorothy Perkins knit sweater / Knit sweater / Mango studded sweater, $80 / Knit sweater, $72 / Rare London studded sweater, $62 / Oasis sequin top, $56 / Mango knit sweater, $56 / Max C long sleeve blouse, $48 / Long red sweater, $40 / Forever 21 knit sweater / Mango long sleeve tee, $32 / Black shirt, $30 / Studded shirt, $30 / Black sweatshirt, $29 / Knit sweater, $24

Monday 26 November 2012

Tribal Nail Art (Nov 12)

Tribal Nail Art
Last week I did some tribal nail art to match a Republic Skirt I wore.
It was the first time I've done it so please don't judge.
Not my best picture but the top is New Look at the skirt Republic.

A close up of my skirt - the inspiration.

I started by painting my nails pink.

Then I added patterns from the skirt, crosses, arrows and dots.

As I've said before I'm not a professional but I hope you feel inspired.

Sunday 25 November 2012

RI Flapper Dresses (Nov 12)

River Island Flapper Dresses
As I've said in a recent post I love flapper dresses, and during the research for that post I found River Island have some Stunning dresses in this style at the moment, and I just wanted to point this out.
If you are after a flapper dress this season RI definitely seems to be the place to go !!

RI flapper dresses

Little Laura Loves Flapper Style (Nov 12)

 Little Laura Loves Flapper Style
Hey guys,
sorry this is slightly repeated but I really love the flapper style at the moment , so here is another polyvore set.
Hope you feel inspired.
flapper style

Jane Norman fringe dress, $96 / Fringe dress, $56 / River Island sequin flapper dress, $240 / Mint Velvet grey coat, $255 / Missoni short skirt / Shakuhachi lace up booties / Antiquities Couture pearl necklace / D&G long scarve / Burberry lip makeup / Vintage 1920s Chain Mail Flapper Purse Buy Vintage 1920s Chain Mail..., $190

Little Laura Loves Magnetic Nail Polish (Nov 12)

Little Laura Loves Magnetic Nail Polish
I recently bought a magnetic nail polish and I love it.
It's so much easier to use than I thought and it can create different patterns depending on the amount of time you use it.
You simply paint a base coat wait for it to dry, then paint another coat. Then immediately hover the magnet over the nail.
This nail polish in particular is great because the lid has a lip that keeps the nail and magnet at the right distance.

The length of time you hold the magnet changes the amount the polish is magnetised.

This is the Barry M polish I used, and would highly recommend. I also have a Rio version I haven't tried yet but will hopefully post about soon.

Little Laura Loves Leopard Print Nail Art (Nov12)

 Little Laura Loves Leopard Nail Art
I started by painting the base of my nails with a light gold.

Then I painted the next part of my nail orange, and dabbed the wet polish with my thumb to smudge it a bit. As I did in a previous post with my dip dye style nails.
 (I'm sure if  you didn't want to get messy a cotton wool swab would do the same)

Then the same with red and burgundy.

Then with a black nail art pen I painted little circles to look like animal print.
If you dont have a nail art pen, cocktail sticks do as well.
As I've said before I'm no professional but I hope you enjoy and feel inspired.

Saturday 24 November 2012

Little Laura Loves doggy nail polish (Nov 12)

Little Laura Loves doggy nail polish
Whilst I understand that this post might cause debate between some controversy but I'm going to post it anyway.
I would like to point out that Bella (my cute lab) enjoys having her nails painted , if she didn't I wouldn't even attempt it, further more it doesn't harm her in anyway.
When I am painting my own nails she often comes over, if I go to paint them and she walks away I leave her alone.
I love my dogs and would never hurt them at all.
We match beautifully, I never paint the whole nail, just the tips of one or two if shes happy.


Friday 23 November 2012

Little Laura Loves Studs - Missguided (Nov 12)

Little Laura Loves Studs - Missguided
Last night after I  posted about my love at studs at the moment, I did some Internet window shopping on my favourite dress shop - Missguided.
And there was soooo much stuff I loved, so I made a Polyvore set to show some of these items to you all.
Hope you feel inspired.
in love with studs and misguided

Thursday 22 November 2012

Little Laura Loves Studs (Nov 12)

Little Laura Loves Studs
I love the style of studs at the moment, especially when they can be worn with something super girly like a studded back or shoes with a cute dress.

I love my studded LOVE sweater from New look. I usually pair it with jeans or a body con skirt.

These are my favourite shoes at the moment, again from Newlook, I can just about wear them with anything. You may remember them from my post about LFW. I wore them in to the show with my pink dress.

Here are some other studded beauts I love, hope you feel inspired .
i love studs

Topshop cropped shirt / Pullover sweatshirt, $30 / Warehouse studded jacket, $110 / Giuseppe Zanotti peep toe booties / Jeffrey Campbell studded shoes, $220 / Charlotte Russe stiletto high heels / Mudd crossbody bag / Gucci clutch purse / Alexander McQueen clutch / Warehouse clutch handbag, $42 / LOFT cluster earrings / Bangle bracelet / Emilio Pucci studded jewelry / Bow stud earrings / Feather jewelry / Swesky cubic zirconia earrings, $32

Thursday 15 November 2012

Pudsey nail art (Nov 12)

My Pudsey inspired nails
As I've said before I'm inspired by things going on at school and things going on in the world. So with out further adue, here are my Pudsey inspired nails.
Don't think there needs to be much more of an explanation really ...

Wednesday 14 November 2012

Scrub, Scrub, Scrub , Scrub, Scrubbing !! (Nov 12)

Scrub, Scrub, Scrub, Scrub, Scrubbing !!
(Yes I'm singing in the tune of the new cooking advert )
So in case you hadn't guessed this post I would like to talk about some exfoliators I've tried.
This is the St Ives face exfoliator, its my favourite facial one. It does a great job and smells amazing.
St Tropez exfoliator is (in my opinion) the best body scrub, it does a great job and leaves my legs smooth and ready for a night out.

That been said ...
The FCUK sugar scrub, and Gok Wans scrub smells amazing, and leaves a lovely texture on my legs, It doesn't do a great job, but when I want to be left feeling confident, this is what I use.

Monday 12 November 2012

Lather, Rinse ,Repeat ! (Nov 12)

Lather, rinse, repeat !
This might seem an obvious post, I mean lets face it we've all being washing our own hair independently since the age of 4, right ?
But I thought I'd share somethings I've learnt through trial and error, and a few interesting facts of how to get your hair Squeaky clean.
( - Yes squeaky clean, if you run your finger down two or three strands of hair while in the shower, and it squeaks, it generally means any product has been washed out and your hair is clean. )
So here's my method to shiny locks.
Firstly I wash all my face, this way no exfoliate etc gets in my hair.
Then I shampoo, rinse out, and repeat. I always used to shampoo just the once, as people had told me repeating was just an instruction to sell more shampoo, how ever it turns out the first wash simply removes all the dirt, the second wash then allows the product to do all of the clever jobs the bottle advertises.
Hair dressers advise you can shampoo your hair up to five times in one shower depending on the condition of the hair.
Then I run the conditioner through the pony tail of my hair.
Only through the pony tail.
I then stay out from the water while I wash my body allowing the conditioner time to work its magic.
If my hair is particularly messy, for example if I've back combed it that day. I add conditioner to a comb and remove all the knots. I then wash out the conditioner using cold water.
This is because cold closes the pores and therefore you don't loose as much hair.
Finally once I am out the shower I brush through and either blow dry or wrap in a towel to dry.
I like to use big paddle brushes, the pink one is from Claire's Accessories and the grey one from Avon, I like to use them because they get the knot's out with out hurting, they also add volume.

Sunday 11 November 2012

Poppy Power (Nov 12)

Poppy Power
Different ways to wear your poppy for tonight's festivities.

I think my poppy looks really cute on the top of my skirt.

Standard position.

Shoulder poppy.
Poppy nail art

Firstly I painted my nails dark red, and added some red and purple glitter.

I then painted one nail gold.

Added 2 big dots for the poppy petals, and a small one in the centre.
I'm no professional but I hope you enjoy and feel inspired.

Thursday 8 November 2012

Who Gives a Whooot !! (Nov 12)

Who Gives a Whooot !!
I really love cute owl prints at the moment, and love how they are being bejewled in fashion.
Hope you enjoy my favorites below.
who gives a whooott

Dorothy Perkins knit shirt / Black pullover sweater / Jumper sweater, $24 / Glamorous, $58 / Multicolor shoes, $29 / Dorothy Perkins gray handbag / Burberry owl ring / Alcozer & J heart earrings / Amrita Singh bangle jewelry / Betsey Johnson antique gold jewelry / Jon Richard blue jewelry, $13 / River Island collar jewelry, $13 / Black dangle earrings / Cuff jewelry / Miss Selfridge printed scarve / CUL-DE-SAC cul de sac / TALLY WEiJL: Owl Beanie, $8.93 / Sequin Owl