Thursday 31 January 2013

Tinkerbell Insprired Nail Art(Jan 13)

Tinkerbell Inspired Nail Art
Saturday night I am going to a Disney ball,
of course as Tinkerbell.
So I needed some suitable nails.
I created these
I'm not really impressed so need to keep thinking.
But the reason I am posting this is because I love the colour of the gradient, just not the tat I've done on the thumb nail.
Will keep thinking.

Sweet as Sugar ? (Jan 13)

Sweet as Sugar ?
This post is kind of a prelude,
and kind of a reminder for my self to try it
its been a long day.
I was just reading The Nailasaurus (the post about Barry M textured nail polish)
and wondered if this could be created using a natural ingredient such as sugar, salt or something of the kind.
This would save money but also allow any nail polish to be turned into this seasons latest trend.
I will try and report back.

Zig Zag Nail Art (Jan 13)

Zig Zag Nail Art
This does need some practice but I love the colour scheme and I hope you get the gist of it.
I got the inspiration from another nail art blog I read, which I'm really sorry I can't remember the name of.
Anyway, I hope you like.

( Left to right )
Boots No7
Avon Nail wear Pro
17 Nail Polish ( from a gift set )
Ted Baker ( From a gift set )
Calvin Klein Nail Polish

Little Laura Loves Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector (Jan 13)

Laura Loves Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector
As I posted previously I now have a stack of testers to try out, so here is my first review.
I adore Miracle Skin Perfector !
It smells great.
It feels great.
And it looks great.
Please ignore my big head.
But these photos of me, I am just wearing the BB cream, eye liner and mascara.
I have the palest skin ever and I didn't go orange.
I have spots and blemishes and they were all covered.
well as much as a good foundation would normally cover them anyway.
Admittedly I did add some blusher and lip balm before I went out but I didn't need any concealer, highlighter or foundation.
And even more I applied it at 7am, worked all day, including a PE lesson, and it still looked good at 7pm.
No touch ups.
I will be buying my self a full size bottle and suggest others do the same.

Roots Be Gone (Jan 13)

Roots Be Gone
Yessss !!!
Finally got round to dying my hair, well asking my mom to do it for me anyways.
I now use an ammonia free hair dye as a hair salon gave be a bad reaction to a hair dye and I've been allergic ever  since.
But this product is great, it smells great and covers all my roots!
YAY !!!

Little Laura Loves Scarves (Jan 13)

Little Laura Loves Scarves
With all this cold weather I have rekindled my love of scarves and pashminas.
I have literally a drawer full but here are some of my favourites.
I will do another post with more soon.

All from the Clothes Show.

Forever 21.

And a Polyvore set of some I would love to have !!


Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants Inspriation (Jan13)

Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants Inspiration
Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants is one of my favourite films, and it recently reminded me that nothing is better than a good pair of jeans.
They don't have to cost a lot and will look great on anyone, I will do more posts on this soon but I just wanted to show that a white tee and skinny jeans are the best EVERYTHING look ever, timeless , classic and chic.
My favourite jeans cost £9.99 from NewLook, they come in lots of cuts and colours, me my mom and my sister all have at least a pair each, (I have 4) because they just fit sooooo well !!
I also love River Island jeans, they cost £40 each, but there is normally one or two styles of them in the sale section for £20.
I think they are labelled as Skinny Trousers.

Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants

James Perse slim fit shirt, $200 / American Vintage tall shirt, $28 / VILA , $35 / VILA , $28 / Hudson Jeans slim fit jeans, $310 / Topshop tall jeans / River Island , $55 / Boot cut jeans, $19 / Skinny leg jeans, $32

Glitter Gradient (Jan 13)

Glitter Gradient
Glitter gradient nail art.
I started with doing gradient nail polish as normal then applying glitter in the same style.
Cant wait to try this with other colours !

Both Avon Nail Wear Pro .

... I did tidy up the edges after, I just forgot to take a picture, woops !!

Tidy Nail Box (Jan 13)

Tidy Nail Box
I've finally got round to tidying my box of nail stuff,
hopefully you will feel inspired to do the same !!

One thing I like to do is paint the side of the nail polish bottle, that way I can see what the colour is really like, because sometimes it looks different in the bottle.


Wednesday 30 January 2013

Spotty Dotties (Jan 13)

Spotty Dotties

Hope you like.

More pics from my Engagement !! (Jan 13)

More pics from my Engagement !!!
Here are some more pics from my engagement.
Dress from H&M, I know I said Forever 21 before I got mixed up,
 sorry guys.
Shoes from Primark.
Ring from my Fiance !!!!