Wednesday 27 February 2013

Glamorous (Feb 13)

Recently I have renewed my subscription to Glamour Magazine.
This is the gift I was sent and it is lovely, as with all Body Shop Products it smells great (this one reminds me of holidays), but its also really thick and luxurious.

Nemo Nail Art (Feb 13)

Nemo Nail Art
This didn't turn out as great in reality as it did in my head,
it probably had something to do with the humongous hang over :/
But here we are any way,
my Finding Nemo nail art.


Monday 25 February 2013

Works Party (Feb 13)

 Works  Party
So also this Saturday I attended my Partners works party.
I wore this dress by Lipsy.

Little Laura Loves Pepludum Tops (Feb 13)

Little Laura Loves Pepludum Tops
Yeah Yeah I know I'm a little late on this trend, when these tops first started being fashionable I felt they were too big and, frankly , weird.
But I've seen some tops lately that are smaller and add a cute twist accentuating my waist which I love.
My Friend bought me the black version from Newlook.
And I loved it so much I later went to get the white version, again from Newlook.


Republic Sale (Feb 13)

Republic Sale
So last week, very sadly the clothes shop Republic went into administration, and I'm a little ashamed to admit the first thing I thought was
 SALE !!!
But I also have to admit I was a little disappointed.
I went shopping Friday , and yes I know I could have missed the better bits earlier in the week, but I was expecting huge discounts and there weren't really any.
Most things had either 10 , 15 or 20 % off. But with a student discount you can normally get 10 or 20 % off anyway !!
And there was no discounts on the jewellery :(
So this was my only buy
Hope you like.


Hen Lunch / Peter Paul Mani (Feb 13)

Hen Lunch / Peter Paul Mani


Left Accent Nail

Right Accent Nail

Hen Lunch (Feb 13)

 Hen Lunch
So like I said last night , these next few posts will explain why I've been so absent the last few days.
One reason is I went to a hen lunch, it was a girl at work, so my boss and colleagues was there, so I needed to look
not how I would normally dress on a hen night.
So I went for a monochrome look.
Top - Newlook
Skinny Jeans - Newlook
Shoes - Newlook
Bracelet - Chamila (Will show on a later post)
Bag- Fake Chanel from Turkey
Lip Stick- Sweet Boutique, Revlon, Pink Pop
Mani - Will show in a later post.
If I wore this to another occasion I might try it with Leather Trousers.

Sunday 24 February 2013

Reviews (Feb 13)

Sorry for the lack of posts the last few days, its been a pretty busy weekend.
I'm sure there will be a but loads of posts in the next few days explaining why.
So tonight I'm just going to write  a few short reviews on some samples I've recently tried.
Nivea Express Hydration Primer
I wasn't a huge fan of this product to be honest, I know its had rave reviews in magazines etc, so maybe it just doesn't go with my skin type.
But I opened the package and straight away I didn't like the look or texture.
It was quite watery with chunks of white sticky stuff in.
I applied it and it was greasy and sticky on my skin, and left a shine.
I took it off and washed my face
Sorry .
Rimmel BB Cream
I loved this product, it was a lovely colour match, it didn't cover red spots but the rest of my skin looked flawless.
It felt nice and rubbed in well.
I'll be honest, it lasted longer than the white T-shirt I wore that day.
Smash Box Photo Finish Primer
This left a lovely feel, fragrance free and left a healthy glow.
Maybelline Fit Me Foundation
This product is OK, its a bit watery, a bit oily for me, it would probably work very well for someone with dry skin.
I had to rub it in a lot but then it looked nice.
I did wonder if I was a little disappointed because I was expecting it to be so nice ?

Wednesday 20 February 2013

Throw Back to Last Year and the 80s (Feb 13)

Throw Back to Last Year and the 80s
This was a Party I went to Nearly 2 years ago now, it was an 80's theme party I went as a dancer from Fame.
I just wanted to show off the pic's I have recently found on my laptop.
Eyelashes by Girls Aloud Festival Edition.

Rainbow Black (Feb 13)

Rainbow Black
Ive been wanting to do this kind of design for a long time, but haven't really had the inspiration to do it yet, I I've looked through the archives of a few different nail art blogs I read to get some ideas and this it what I came up with.
Hope you like it.