Thursday 27 December 2012

Miss Santa (Dec 12)

Sorry its a late post again,
Merry Christmas !!

Pretty Present Nail Art (Dec 12)

Pretty Present Nail Art
Hey , sorry its a bit late but here is my pretty present nail art.
Hope you have all had a very merry christmas !!

Friday 21 December 2012

Little Laura Loves Falsies Mascara (Dec 12)

Little Laura Loves Falsies Mascara
The brush is great and the mascara lasts ages, as in you can wear it all day and it doesn't smudge or go flat, and one tube lasts me a good 3 or 4 weeks, which is a long time for me !!

Santa Nail Art (Dec 12)

Santa Nail Art

Sorry its a bit messy, first attempt and I took the photo before I cleaned the edges.
Anyway, I hope you feel inspired and have a Merry Christmas.

Little Laura Loves Sequin Nail Art (Dec 12)

Little Laura Loves Sequin Nail Art

Hope you feel inspired ,
Nail varnish from Avon and  Sequins from NewLook.
Merry Christmas


Tuesday 11 December 2012

Winter Rose (Dec 12)

Winter Rose
I love floral patterns and a great way to bring this into winter is with roses and darker tones.
Here are some pieces from my wardrobe I love.
Newlook Hair pin.

 I love this cape, they were on the runways of A/W 12 and look fabulous, this cropped version is great for work.
Again Newlook.

Republic earrings.

Rose Nail Art.

winter rose

winter rose by lau-z featuring kaliko

Jumper sweater, $185 / Kaliko , $72 / Minuet Petite ivory blouse, $105 / Dorothy Perkins black blouse / Jumper sweater / Dr. Martens victorian boots / Alexander McQueen clutch purse, $3,175 / Kenneth Jay Lane rhinestone jewelry / Alex Monroe rose gold jewelry, $280 / Juicy Couture antique ring, $64 / Brooks Brothers / River Island flower ring, $13 / Ollie Nic scarve, $32 / What Kate Did Next By Kate Sheridan Rose Print Backpack, $80

My three New W7 Nail Polishes (Dec 12)

My three New W7 Nail Polishes
Little Laura Loves them , need I say more .

Jeans can't handle all this Jelly that I have (Dec 12)

Jeans can't handle all this Jelly that I have...
( yes sang like Beyonce , haha )
Right now this is the second pair of jeans I have done this to now !!
I just can't help it, all I do is pull up my jeans and the belt loop tears.
Please tell me someone else has this problem, I really need to be more careful !

Frosted Beer Nail Art (Dec 12)

Frosted Beer Nail Art
So this nail art started as me just messing around with crackle effects, and what different things I could do with the polish other than coat it on top of a colour. But it wasn't until I took a photo that I realised the colours look a bit like a frosted beer, and that the effect could be created with golds or even black for a Guinness look. ( Yes I'm thinking St Patric's day already)
Or more this season the crackle polish could be used at the bottom of the nail as snow.
Let me know your ideas.

Monday 10 December 2012

Lady Gaga looks like Peaches Geldof (Dec 12)

Lady Gaga looks like Peaches Geldof
Is it me , or does Peaches Geldof look like Lady Gaga, I didn't realise until I ready last months issue of Elle UK.
I created this on Polyvore, the left side is Gaga and the right is Peaches.
Let me know if you think the same .

look a like

look a like by lau-z featuring a fragrance

Friday 7 December 2012

Wash Those Worries Away ! (Dec 12)

Wash those worries away !
Today's post is about my favourite cleansers.
One being the No7 soft and soothed gentle cleanser. I got it from boots (£8) but I had a £5 voucher so it was an absolute bargain.
But never mind that, full price I will defo be buying it again. I use it at night and it gets rid of all my make up, I use it in the morning and it feels great.
I also love this Clearasil dispensing face wash, its great when your skin feels oily or to use before a facial, it doesn't leave your skin dry but it removes any grotty feeling.
Plus the dispenser is great, it means you don't get a sticky bottle and you get just the right amount.

Please let me know what your favourite is .

Christmas Cracker Nails (Dec 12)

Christmas Cracker Nails
Self explanatory really, Christmas cracker inspired nails.
Firstly paint your nails white.

And add as many zigzags as you want, I prefer the less is more look but each to their own.
Enjoy experimenting

Thursday 6 December 2012

Pretty Presents (Dec 12)

Pretty Presents
I'm getting all in the Christmassy spirit by wrapping my presents.
How is everyone else doing theirs ?

Whats Making me Blush This Winter (Dec 12)

Whats Making me Blush this Winter
For my Birthday, November, sorry for the late post. I was given this No7 gift set. And I love it.
The blushers come in three boxes with a lovely brush.

There is a bronzer which is very on trend this season, and what I can see from cat walks will be next spring with the addition of freckles.
Theres also a Highlighter which I love , and also use as an eyeshadow.
I also love the blush to add a bit of colour.

This highlighting blusher is great !

This brush is great, I am using it for dusting after adding blush with a small blusher brush so I can contour though.
Its also great to use on the body with the highlighting blush.
I got mine from boots .

Prep and Prime (Dec 12)

Prep and Prime
These are my two favourite primers, they both leave my skin with a great look and texture and make my makeup stay put all day, even in Turkey or a nightclub.
I tend to use the benefit across my t-zone then the L'Oreal on the rest of my face.
Please comment and tell me your favourite.

Rudolph Nail Art (Dec 12)

Rudolph Nail Art
As I've said before I am inspired by the people I work with, and today has been a day of singing "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer". So here are my Rudolph nails.
I used No7 frosted pink for the base, and a lovely nude brown Ted Baker I got from a gift set.
To make the Reindeer I painted semi circles and ears, then added eyes and a nose.
Then I added glitter to their noses.

And don't forget his antlers like I did ...
Merry Christmas everyone

Misguided santa list (Dec 12)


Misguided Santa List

I adore Misguided dresses, in particular these beaut's are on my santa list :)

Happy shopping everyone


Misguided santa lisa
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Snow Man Gradient Nails (Dec 12)

Snow Man Gradient Nails
This was my second attempt at gradient nails, its still not perfect but I love trying it and love how it looks.
So Firstly I painted them with light and dark blue, using the gradient effect I have posted about before.
Then i added three white spots using a nail art pen.
Then added a black hat,eyes, sticks for arms and a red scarf.
Then I used a glitter top coat to look like snow.
Hope you like them.

Wednesday 5 December 2012

Gradient/ fading Nail art (Dec 12)


Gradient / fading Nail Art
I really love this look, at the moment, and this is my first go at it, so please don't judge. There are a few techniques you could try, one being the technique I used for my dip dye nails. However this is one idea. Hope you like it.
Firstly I painted my nails the lightest out of the two chosen.

Once it had completely dried I added decent sized blobs on to a plastic wallet, so that the edge of each blob met in the middle. I have also used a newspaper underneath, just because this can be messy and I can be clumsy :)

Then with a cotton wool stick I mixed them together, the more you mix the less you will see of each colour.
A cocktail stick would work just as well, or anything you can mix with really.

Then I got a slightly damp sponge and printed, when i researched how to do this most people say to use a make up sponge , but I didn't have on spare, so I just grabbed one out the kitchen sink and tore off how much I needed.
And I actually found that I didn't get any air bubbles which some people complain of.

Then I printed on to my nail, If you see too much of a line rather than a blend just dab the sponge around, I found the messier your finger is the better it looks after.
Just wait until it is dried completely and wipe away any mess by putting nail varnish remover on a cotton bud.

Wait until completely dry and decorate with nail art pens, glitter varnish or what ever you fancy.
Like I said this was my first try but hope you feel inspired.