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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Model Co Eye Liner Pencil (June 13)

 Models Co Eye Liner Pencil

In the past I have always used  an  Avon but I haven't had the chance to buy any lately, so as my last pencil ran out, I hit a problem.
In an act of desperation I reached for this eye pencil I got free with a magazine last month. I can't remember which, it would have been Glamour or Elle.
I like the Avon pencils because they are more like a gel than a pencil, so they don't smudge unless you want them too, and they have a plastic applicator rather than a wooden pencil.
Which to me just seems hazardous , sharpened wood by your eye ! Really ?

But I was pleasantly surprised by this pencil, it didn't smudge too badly at all, which I want, I know some people like to create a smoky effect but I'd rather have my eye liner stay still and use a shadow.

And I really liked the colour, that might sound crazy, black is black right ? But this is a pretty black.



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