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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Double Gradient and Love Heart Nail Art (June 13)

Double Gradient and Love Heart Nail Art
So first bit of news I've learned how to use the macro button on my camera, so maybe you will notice my pictures are better in this post (because I couldn't wait to share it) but it might not show again for a few weeks because I schedule posts in advance.
But like I said I was really excited to share this post.
So I hope you like this mani as much as I do.
I took inspiration from two places today but tweeked each of them slightly, but please check them out and give the credit deserved.
Today I used this as a base coat, I know I should always use one but I'm lazy, today I used it as my nails look a little yellow and brittle.
By the way, that isn't dirt under my nails its bits of black polish I couldn't get off, you will see the galaxy mani they came from in a few days :)

Todays gradient isn't as blended as I would usually like, but I kind of like the ruggedness of it in contrast to the romantical-ness of the rest of the mani and the softness of colours.
I of course didn't intend that , but silver linings and all :)

As suggested in the tutorial above I didn't use tape, but a small posit that I just held on. The marks around it are the size of my nail so the heart was the right size.
What I might do in future is use both the outside and inside so I can have a plain centre and a plain outside.
Not sure if that makes sense ...

This looked quite good in person but the pictures didn't come out great, I think the first gradient was too light and the light blue from the top gradient was too light, so it didn't pop the way I imagined it would.

The black line made me sooooo much happier.

I added the male and female figure, all though next time I think I'll make them clearer like in the original post.
I also might use a red, or even bring in the blue with the hearts in the middle, I was tempted to do a blue outline on the hearts but didn't want them to end up looking like animal print.
The "L" on each pinkie finger is because both mine -Laura , and my fiancé's name - Lewis , begins with a "L".

Really hope you like and feel inspired by my mani, I defiantly want to try it again with hindsight, maybe for valentines day, if I remember :)

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