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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Lather, Rinse Repeat - From Nov 12 (June 13)

Lather, Rinse, Repeat
From Nov 12
Lather, rinse, repeat !
This might seem an obvious post, I mean lets face it we've all being washing our own hair independently since the age of 4, right ?
But I thought I'd share somethings I've learnt through trial and error, and a few interesting facts of how to get your hair Squeaky clean.
( - Yes squeaky clean, if you run your finger down two or three strands of hair while in the shower, and it squeaks, it generally means any product has been washed out and your hair is clean. )
So here's my method to shiny locks.
Firstly I wash all my face, this way no exfoliate etc gets in my hair.
Then I shampoo, rinse out, and repeat. I always used to shampoo just the once, as people had told me repeating was just an instruction to sell more shampoo, how ever it turns out the first wash simply removes all the dirt, the second wash then allows the product to do all of the clever jobs the bottle advertises.
Hair dressers advise you can shampoo your hair up to five times in one shower depending on the condition of the hair.
Then I run the conditioner through the pony tail of my hair.
Only through the pony tail.
I then stay out from the water while I wash my body allowing the conditioner time to work its magic.
If my hair is particularly messy, for example if I've back combed it that day. I add conditioner to a comb and remove all the knots. I then wash out the conditioner using cold water.
This is because cold closes the pores and therefore you don't loose as much hair.
Finally once I am out the shower I brush through and either blow dry or wrap in a towel to dry.
I like to use big paddle brushes, the pink one is from Claire's Accessories and the grey one from Avon, I like to use them because they get the knot's out with out hurting, they also add volume.

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