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Friday, 7 June 2013

10 Ways to do a Pony Tail - From Oct 12 (June 13)

10 Ways to do a Pony Tail
From Oct 13
10 Ways to do a Pony Tail
As I've mentioned before, I work in a school, so most days I try and have my hair up, but a pony tail every day ... soooo boring !!
And quite frankly more straining on your head and hair than you'd think.
Having a pony tail in the same place day after day can make hair weak and lack less as well as giving you a head ache.
So here are a few ways to change it up.
1. Is obviously the normal pony tail.
2. Below I have shown a simple way of changing up a pony tail. All you do is a normal pony then get a small piece of hair from underneath and wrap it around where the hair tie is. Then keep in place with bobby pins and hair spray.
3. This is a really simple idea that looks really effective. Start by making a low pony tail, quite loose. Just above the hair tie make a small gap, and push the tail through it.
4. Again just a normal pony tail, but here I have added a flower hair tie. Other accessories you could try are real flowers, or if you have a fringe, a hair band might look cute.

5. This is a really high pony. To make this into "cheer hair" I would simply add a few more curls in the tail and add a bow.
6. This is a really slicked back pony tail. I did it using a paddle brush and hair spray.

7. Please ignore the slightly cheesy grin, this is a messy pony, to create this look I used dry shampoo - of which I am a huge fan. I scraped my hair into a pony tail using just my fingers rather than a brush, then to make it a bit rougher I tightened the hair tie bit by bit rather than all at once.
 8. I'm not usually a big fan of a quiff, but here is a small one, again I used dry shampoo for this look.
9. Here is a half up half down look, I'm sure I will do a post dedicated just to this at some point.
 10. This is a pony tail with a parting. I just swept my hair into this low maintenance look.

And one just for luck (since one was a bit of a cop out) , this is a simple bun.