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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

LFW - Post from Oct 13 (June 13)

Post from Oct 13
Frow at LFW !
House of Holland
A small obsession of mine is to enter competitions on line, yes many people laughed at me for this, but it has on occasion paid off. I have won some really good prizes, mainly cosmetics (some of which I'm sure I'll write about at some point), but in September I won a huge prize
to attend LFW and sit front row at Henry Holland's fashion show. I went back stage and had an amazing time.
I loved the clothes and there was such an amazing atmosphere.
And what I'm really excited about, seeing how the high street is going to interpret the cat walk.
So I won't chat any more, here are a few pics from the show.
Backstage at the show, here is one of the many racks where the clothes are waiting for the models.
A bit of a blurry picture (sorry) ,I love the skirt, and really cant wait to see the high street version. It was a high waist skirt, but it was just lace until the underwear line, I loved it, such a fresh idea. Plus I really loved the purple and lace !!
And yay crop tops will be back this spring !

I adored this dress, the pattern and colour was so sophisticated, but the cut is just stunning !

Another dress I fell in love with, I just adore the straps :)

Thank goodness for Maxi Dresses, and this is such a pretty one, with such a pale skin tone I couldn't see my self in the green but the sequins was right up my street.
And of course what I wore .
My ticket signed by the man him self .

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