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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Modatoi Shoes (June 13)

Modatoi Shoes
This is a rant , please skip now if you don't like this kind of thing.
However if you do please keep reading then check out Jenna Marbles on YouTube !!
When I very first started this blog, part of my idea was that I would post more about petite fashion, because, I'll be honest I have a bit of a "bee in my bonnet" about it.
LITTLE Laura loves :)
And I've just been posting about my self, never mind that I have to trawl the shops for clothes that fit. I just show on here what I've got.
Ok, so I'll give you my vital stats and you might start to understand my struggle.
I'm 5ft tall, this part is generally not too bad, most shops now sell petite jeans in the basic designs, and in all honesty I'm not too bothered about the others. I am also very blessed with a nan who used to be a dress maker, so she turns up the majority of my clothes, she even turned up a water fall skirt for me last year !
I am a size 6 or 8 (UK , I think this is a US size 2 and 4 ?? ) However I am quite curvy, clothes in these sizes assume that the person wearing them is straight up and down, especially in said petit range. Added to this is that I am a 30DD (I'm sorry I have no idea what the US version of that is) So I am a tiny back size , only 30 inches wide, but with a larger cup. A  nightmare to find sizes in itself, especially not a "granny bra"(I tend to do well in Ann Summers by getting a 32D)but this also makes it sooo hard to buy anything not as a separate, for example bikini's sold as a set, underwear sold as a set, a tight dress ...
Which brings me onto another point. Why are petite ranges put onto top shelves, I appreciate they aren't as popular as average sizes so don't need to be in the middle, but really the names your biggest clue !
And finally; I am a size two shoe. If I want flats this doesn't have to be a huge deal , I look very carefully in the child's section  (for ones that don't look childish) and pay a fraction of the price.
But heels !
This is a nightmare.
I occasionally manage to find something with an ankle strap, or once I found some decent ones on ASOS but mainly
Its a nightmare.
Until I came across this website
If you have this problem please check them out and I will be posting more petite problem solvers soon :)

The top colourful pair are my favourite and I love this black pair, both from Modatoi. The clothes on there aren't to my taste but the shoes are amazing. and a bargain for a size 2.
Rant over.

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  1. I have the same problem, I'm short but my curves do not want to work with me :/ I have to get all my jeans hemmed, and I usually buy bikinis that are made to be certain bra sizes. The mix-and-match option at Victorias Secret is really nice!