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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

My First Post (Oct 12)

My First Post !
I really enjoy fashion and getting dressed up , and for ideas I like to look all over the Internet, to see what other people have done. While looking on the net I have recently really liked reading other peoples blogs. I admit I'm not the best artist in the world, but I have started this blog to share my ideas and thoughts on things.
What on Earth should I write for my first post ?
I figured I should start with telling you about what inspires me; I am, as many people inspired by magazines, celebrities and quite honestly what I fall in love with when shopping.
But another inspiration of mine is what pupils in my class have been obsessed with this week.
- and of course what is realistic.
 ( I haven't quite figured what a Dalek is yet)  
So I'm sure at one point I will write about what I can wear for work and how I style it, but for now I want to show everyone a little part of one big obsession of mine
Nail Art !

So here is my Harvest Festival inspired nail art, with a cute little owl.
I am not even close to being professional, or aspire to be, but I hope I can inspire others.
And here are some other clips of nail art from a while ago.
For the queens jubilee

 butterflies and bee's

 The Olympics last summer.
Hope everyone enjoys ! xx

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