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Friday, 19 October 2012

Mo-vember chic-ness (Oct 12)

As some of you may know Mo-vember is a charity lead excersise which asks men to grow moustaches for the whole month of November in order to get sponsored and raise money for  a testicular cancer charity.

Over the past few years it has raised awareness along with millions of pounds.
And yet again this year my boy freind has informed me he is to take part.
And it made me think, as women we can't really join in growing a 'tasche. So here is one of my ideas for raising awareness.
Then it made me think , I wonder if any of the shops selling moustache clothing would donate some of the profit , just in November ?
I'm new to this whole blogging thing but im going to try and post this to some of their twitter feeds.
Once again I thank polyvore for helping me create the picture below.

Cream sweater, $32 / AX Paris knit top, $32 / AX Paris knit top, $32 / Black pants, $21 / River Island black jewelry, $24 / River Island black jewelry, $6.46 / Stud earrings / River Island long necklace, $13 / Tasha tassel necklace / River Island hair clip accessory, $13 / Peter Ibruegger Maurice-Poirot Moustache Mug, $30 / River Island Girls Pink Moustache Polka Dot Beanie, $8.08

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