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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Bath Time (Oct 12)

 Bath Time
Since the nights are getting darker and colder, all I want to do of a night time is chill and take a nice hot bath.
So finally I get a chance to use all those goodies I can't ever help buying. Some how I can't resit spending all my pennies in bath shops, its getting slightly obsessive.
So here are some of my favourite products at the moment.
Please tell me some one else has this obsession.

I much prefer bath oil to bubble bath, this is the Avon version, it smells great and leaves your skin super soft.
Bath oil can be added to the bath just like normal bubble bath, or rubbed on the skin before a shower.

As I might mention in a later post, I love entering competitions and I occasionally get sent samples, these are a few I have at the moment.

I am in love with the smell of Gok Wan's bath range, I got this from boots and it smells amazing. This is all I have left of the set now :( and these bottles are half empty. Good job Christmas is juts around the corner.

I am also in love with FCUK Sugarscrub, it smells of strawberries and almonds. Yes I have two tubs... possibly three...

 A few months ago I went to a L'Occitane event, we were all given a goody bag at the end, here are a few of the bath products, my favourite is the shower oil.

I also have a small obsession with soaps, they just smell so nice. The one I'm using at the moment is the jelly bean one, it smells, and looks just like a real jelly bean.
As you might be guessing by now my favourite things are sweet and fruity.

Getting in the mood for Christmas , this bath bomb smells of chocolate, and it looks soooo adorable.

I can't wait to use this bath melt. Yes I'm that easily excited!! This smells just like candy floss .

This melt was lovely, it smelt of strawberries, and as it melted it released loads of tiny strawberry seeds which slowly and gently exfoliated you. And the scent really stayed on my skin, will definitely be getting another few of these.
Again an Avon product, these bath confetti's smell of lavender and are in the shape of snowflakes. I bought them as a present, like stocking filler, but I just couldn't resist.

And the only down-side , other than my bank balance ??
A bath tub full of strawberry seeds :(

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