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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Guest Post from Nancy Miller- Direct2TV (May 13)

Guest Post from Nancy Miller
I would like to thank Nancy for emailing and asking to guest post for me, I love having guest bloggers on here so I couldn't wait to check out what she had for me.
Hope you all like it !
Eye Popping Palates: Tips on Choosing the Perfect Eye Shadow


According to Laura Thomas, it is important to find the right eye shadow that brings out the color of your eyes. Gone are the days of choosing your eye shadow shade to match your outfit. Instead, today's cosmetics products offer a variety of pretty, practical hues which complement you, not your accessories. While choosing the right eye shadow can be tricky, you can discover a multitude of fun, fresh colors to enhance your look by paying attention to your eye color. And keep in mind that there are no hard and fast rules: use these helpful hints from professional makeup artists as a starting point, and take it from there to find out what works best for you. After all, experimenting is half the fun!

Blue-eyed babes can fall into the trap of relying on blue eye shadow; while blue is okay, it can also appear dated. Modernize your look by considering colors on the opposite side of the color wheel. Warm, neutral earth tones in browns and heather grays can enhance the full spectrum of blue eyes from cornflower to cobalt. For greater impact, try shadows with purple, plum, and rose undertones, which can deliver an even bigger boost of color. Additionally, warm, copper-colored hues have the ability further intensify blue eyes. Just remember: go easy when working with bolder hues to avoid coming on too strong: these look best as a simple, sheer wash.


While brown-eyed girls look terrific in a spectrum of eye shadow shades, there are several which have the ability to significantly enhance brown eyes, including green and pink. Any since many brown eyes are fetchingly flecked, consider a complementary shade to show off their shine. For example, if your brown eyes have gold highlights, give a shimmery gold shadow a try. If your eyes are flecked with copper, look for a warm terra cotta to intensify your look. All shades and combinations of purple and taupe are a safe best, as they reliably add depth to brown eyes.

Green-eyed monsters will envy your emerald eyes when you apply contrasting purple shadow shades. These not only play off of your natural color, but add a touch of drama. For those seeking a more natural look, warm, neutral hues are university flattering--particularly with orange undertones. And whether you choose daringly deep purple or trusty taupe in matte or shimmer finish, this color palate flatters all shades of green. To gain extra flair try a layer on several complementary colors, starting with the deepest hue, working toward the most transparent, to add depth, dimension and vibrancy.

Behind those hazel eyes lurks a unique and expressive individual. Lucky hazel-eyed girls can show off their sparklers in a variety of shades across the other color families. Golden brown tones work particularly well, although any shade that suits brown or green will also work with hazel. Up for a dramatic eye shadow application to achieve an unexpected look? Brush on a layer of chocolate brown from your lash line to the crease, and then layer on top of it a shimmery metallic gold. For an added dose of drama, line your lashes in gold for the perfect finishing touch.


Bio: Nancy Miller is a Senior Editor for Direct2TV and loves fashion. Nancy spends most of her time researching and writing topics about previous and current fashion trends in the Industry.

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