Thursday, 16 May 2013

Guest Post from Chetana (May 13)

Blue Jewelled Night Nails Tutorial
Some girls are big fans of blue nail polishes. So I am doing a simple but very much jewelled blue nail art. This is clubbed with a black colour to give it an awesome night sky look.
What do you see when you look up at the night sky? Obviously lovely stars when the skies are clear. Here we will try to depict some silvery lines of stars by silver stripes and some stones will add to the overall glamour.
You can wear this nail art to any evening party with a black or blue cocktail dress. You will love the attention that you will get. It’s very easy to re-create too.
Things you need for this simple and quick glamorous looking nail art:
·         A base coat
·         A blue polish of your choice
·         A black polish of your choice
·         A silver nail art two way pen (or your striper and silver polish)
·         Cotton bud and polish remover
·         A transparent good quality top coat
·         Nail art flowers - just 2 (one big white flower and one small white flower)
·         Stones (small sized)
·         4 blue stones (large)
Let’s get started:
Step 1:
Blue Nail Art 1.png
 Use a nice layer of base coat but this is optional here. Next follow up with two coats of each of black and blue polish like I have used them in a slanting swipe.
Step 2:
Blue Nail Art 2.png
Now take your silver two ways nail art pen and use the dotting head to put stripes of silver on the black portion. Note that I am not doing a zebra pattern here. It is just some stripes depicting a silvery night sky.
Step 3:
Blue Nail Art 3.png
Now apply a nice layer of transparent top coat in a line joining the two colours and then place the small stones and one big blue stone properly. Refer to the picture.
Step 4:
Take the transparent polish and apply in dollops on your ring finger. Place the two flowers over it properly. See that they are stuck properly.
Step 5:
Now take your cotton bud dipped in a polish remover and clean up the edges of stray polishes. Next apply a nice layer on all of the nails. Also do not forget to apply a nice layer of transparent polish at the foot of the flowers.
Step 6:
Here is the fun blue night nail art look. Hope you liked it. It’s easy and just need a bit of creativity.
Do try it out soon.
Author Bio: This is Chetana, an Amateur Makeup artist from India and Founder of StyleCraze - India's largest beauty network. I am completely addicted to Makeup, especially the Colour play and the process involved.

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