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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Bad Make up and How to Fix it (July 13)

Bad Make up and How to Fix it
There's nothing I hate more than Tacky make up, so I've taken a few pictures with these horrible looks, and then fixed it, kind of , with a few simple steps, I'll be honest I'd much rather have taken it off, but it was a fun little activity.

1) Thick liquid eye liner with a huge wing and next to no mascara, seriously your not Amy Winehouse.

2) Orange foundation. I hate this, it just looks gross, same with orange fake tan.


3) A thick line of blusher or bronzer. Either of these things should blend with the skin tone and highlight the cheekbones, not look like a stripe.

4) And finally concealer lips , this just makes me gag, who ever came up with this, what on earth was they thinking !!
1) To fix the eye problem I added some mascara and then did a Smokey eye using brown eye shadows. Then I used a green eyeliner on the bottom outer corner of my lashes.
2) To fix the orange problem I started by blending the Foundation lower into my neck, so there wasn't such a line, I did cheat a bit my removing some of this, I didn't take it off , just rubbed it with my hand to blend it down.
3) To blend the blusher, again I smudged it with my fingers and added highlighters and lighter pink blusher into the mix. Although sadly this did leave my face a little too glittery.
4) To Cover this I did a lip stick gradient that I will show in a later post.

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