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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Gradient/ fading Nail art (Dec 12)


Gradient / fading Nail Art
I really love this look, at the moment, and this is my first go at it, so please don't judge. There are a few techniques you could try, one being the technique I used for my dip dye nails. However this is one idea. Hope you like it.
Firstly I painted my nails the lightest out of the two chosen.

Once it had completely dried I added decent sized blobs on to a plastic wallet, so that the edge of each blob met in the middle. I have also used a newspaper underneath, just because this can be messy and I can be clumsy :)

Then with a cotton wool stick I mixed them together, the more you mix the less you will see of each colour.
A cocktail stick would work just as well, or anything you can mix with really.

Then I got a slightly damp sponge and printed, when i researched how to do this most people say to use a make up sponge , but I didn't have on spare, so I just grabbed one out the kitchen sink and tore off how much I needed.
And I actually found that I didn't get any air bubbles which some people complain of.

Then I printed on to my nail, If you see too much of a line rather than a blend just dab the sponge around, I found the messier your finger is the better it looks after.
Just wait until it is dried completely and wipe away any mess by putting nail varnish remover on a cotton bud.

Wait until completely dry and decorate with nail art pens, glitter varnish or what ever you fancy.
Like I said this was my first try but hope you feel inspired.


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